Lauren loves to encourage the heart of a person into a deeper walk with Christ. She believes the mind informs the heart, so offering resources that are engaging, soaked with truth, and fascinating is necessary. Bible literacy ranks as one of the biggest ways she wants to influence the body of Christ, and she has an extraordinary gift for explaining intimidating, theological ideas in easy-to-understand ways that keep a reader or listener wanting more.  


She is the host of The Restoring Faith Podcast and the co-host of Joy for the Journey Podcast with Tammy Whitehurst (both can be found at as well as on iTunes or your favorite podcasting app). She loves teaching, songwriting, and leading people into worship and is currently completing her master's degree in Christian Apologetics from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. She already holds a bachelor of arts degree in religion from Baylor University.


Lauren and her family live on a ranch in Texas. She has written two books and is available for speaking, teaching, or leading worship. 

Lauren Reeves
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