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Finding Freedom from Food Addiction by Misty Sherman


LOSING & GAINING: FINDING FREEDOM FROM FOOD ADDICTION by Misty Sherman is a 7-week study for people who desire to gain control over their eatiing.


If you struggle with food, you may likely have experienced the same ups and downs as I did when you try to gain control over your eating. You diet to lose weight and may even find some success. However, getting off the diet leads to gaining all of the weight back and then some. Then you try another diet only to go through the same cycle. But what if it's not just about a change in behaviors? If there was a way to find lasting freedom from the control of food, would you try it? A change in perspective could make all the difference. Come with me on a journey where losing and gaining are both good things!

Finding Freedom from Food Addiction by Misty Sherman

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    Lauren Reeves
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